It’s time; for a new blog name

It’s time. I spent the last year working through grief. It was a year of mostly downs, with some ups. The roller coaster of briefly feeling good followed by the longer slide down into despair. Playing detective in a futile attempt to make sense of what happened, as though this had been a mystery that just needed a neat explanation. Mostly just trying to hang on and make it through the tumult of emotions that came and went like Midwest weather patterns.

It’s time. I gave myself a year to process what had happened and come to grips with my new life. The year is up. Oh, I’m still in mourning; I’m guessing that, to some degree, it will continue throughout my life and end up a part of me; but I am not going to make the slide into professional widow.

It’s time. I’m still a widow and will always be one, regardless of where my life goes or what happens. I want that to be a badge of courage and inspiration and proof that terrible and sad events do not have to destroy. I made it through this first year.

It’s time. The people I feel I’ve “met” through this blog, the comments from other writers, the posts I look forward to reading; all have helped. I’ve learned I’m not alone, that many, many others have been through similar experiences.

It’s time. My goal for year 1 was to just make it through. It’s time for a new goal. This first year was focused on basic survival; now it’s time to live. Part of my moving forward is a new blog name. I’m still a widow, but I want to identify as other than sad, not just as a widow but as a person with a full life and a questing spirit and a desire to continue living.

It’s time. To change the name of this blog; and I’m asking for your help in coming up with a new name, one that I can move forward with as I move forward with my life.


18 thoughts on “It’s time; for a new blog name

  1. It is an accomplishment to make it through the first year. Congratulations doesn’t seem right, perhaps “well done”? I’m also glad to see you’re thinking of changing the name. That means you’re less of a “sad widow” than you used to be, all part of the evolution of grief. As for new names… perhaps “on the road again” or “back to life” or “me again.” I like the Phoenix reference too. Good luck. I’ll be here no matter what you name your blog. 🙂

  2. Your blog is beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss… I do know how you feel. I hope you don’t mind if I follow you, and add your blog link to my blog support reference. Please let me know if it’s OK.

  3. It doesn’t have to be a name, a title like widow, or an adjective at all. I chose Easier To Feel The Sunlight because it’s a bit of a mantra and what I’m trying to do with my grief. Leave behind the pieces I don’t need, give away the pieces other people need and keep the pieces I need to feel together again- to feel the sunlight. Think about what you want the blog to do for yourself and for others, or maybe what it already has done. You’re a widow and that’s ok. It isn’t all you are, and the people who keep reading will get to know that. Those who stop at the title are likely not the ones you need in your life at this present time anyway.

    What has your blog done for me? Allowed me to feel less alone, to see how someone else is moving along on this journey and gave me perspective and ideas. For that- hats off and thank you! You have accomplished much and I hope that brings you peace.

  4. I’ve really enjoyed what you’ve shared, also the things that are not grief/widow related, like your wonderful movie reviews. Do you want to keep “widow” in your name? Diary of a Wry Widow? Or perhaps something completely different?! (Just because we’re widows, doesn’t mean we have to lead with it, right?) You’ll probably come up with something that feels right, but I’ll let my subconscious mind keep working on it! And – from one widow to another – I don’t quite know how to say it, as there are no “congratulatory” cards for making it through a year of grief..but, I commend you. You did it. You survived a year. It fills my heart to see others, like you, progress through grief, through the loss of a spouse. It’s a tough, lonely road, but finding connection here, definitely helped me, and I hope it helped, you too.

    1. I’m open to any new names. I have ambiguous feeling about the “w” word; on the one hand I feel it’s a badge of courage that special people, such as you, Niva, and I, can wear with pride. On the other hand, there’s such negative stereotypes associated with it.

      And, thank you, and back at you as well. It’s not really a happy anniversary, but it’s good to have it done with. I’m making a real effort to move forward.

      1. The Blossom after the Fire
        I love that you are making goals for yourself, I wish I had done that myself. I lost the love of my life when I was seventeen. I was not blessed with as many years with him, and I did not get to forge as deep a relationship, but he was my first love and I know the pain in losing someone so dear. I am happy that you are able to move forward day to day.

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