and now for something completely different

A few weeks ago I asked for help in selecting a new blog name. It’s been a little over a year since my husband died, and I wanted to move forward from being identified solely as a widow to something more.

There were a lot of thoughtful and wise comments, and I have taken all of them into consideration. After due deliberation, I have decided that the Monty Python tag line “and now for something completely different” is the most evocative of my current status and outlook on life.

If you’re not familiar with Monty Python, check them out. I’ve loved them since first first viewing them on Chicago’s WTTW, when I was in high school. This comedy troupe created magic on TV and screen starting the in late 1960s. They began with a 30 minute TV show on BBC that careened from one sketch to the next. They lampooned everything from religion to politics to fashion, and they did it hilariously. One of the trademarks of the show was ending sketches smack in the middle of the script, often with one of the characters deciding that the sketch no longer made any sense or was “too silly.” At that point there would be an abrupt edit to something else.

John Cleese, one of the members, had the ability to sound like a Very Serious Adult. A voice clip of him saying “And now for something completely different” would be heard, and the video would be of him stark naked sitting on a piano bench, wearing a Beethovenesque wig and getting ready to play with an insane grin on his face, or doing the fish slapping dance.

The juxtaposition of that pompous voice and the ludicrous video is priceless. In fact, one of the greatest things about Monty Python is the way they continually remind us that life is not controllable, that unusual and strange things do happen, and that the best approach to life is to embrace all its bizarreness and just keep laughing.

Last year I encountered the Spanish Inquisition, and as the wise Python lads state, no one ever expects it.

Unlike the Norwegian Blue parrot, I am getting better.

I hope my new blog name communicates that all of do, indeed, encounter situations that completely upend our expectations, but that we can make it through and move on to whatever that something completely different is – even if it is the Spanish Inquisition.


10 thoughts on “and now for something completely different

  1. I’ve been following Niva for a year now, and come to you and your “blog with a new name” via her. I came to her through motorcycles, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. I’ve been poking about your blog a bit and reading here and there, and first, want to acknowledge your loss and express my sorrow.
    I also want to follow you because I like your writing and I do identify you as more than a widow. I hope that makes sense and does not offend.
    Congratulations on the new name!!

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